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Did you know there are currently there are no qualifications or regulations within the house building industry to be a professional snagger? This means anyone with a little knowledge can set up a business and claim to be professional snagger.
Surface Repair to any hard surface is a complex job. You can often see whether the Surface repair company is qualified or not by asking for a certificate which shows the company/repairer has the necessary experience. This is important because you need to know if they have been through the extensive training and evaluation to be able to qualify for the snagging trade and therefore be able to deal with longer-term or complex jobs.
Whenever you meet a new surface repair company, right off the bat, ask to look at their qualifications, insurance and testimonials. They should have it at hand with them the entire time and should be able to provide them.
Surface magic repairs are QUALIFIED in damage repair via a recognised awarding body, along over 20 years worth of real experience all over the world. We have an internal training centre and we are also SMAS CHAS IOS and SAFECONTRATOR we are also currently working to formulate an ISO 9001 Quality Management System. The Management System is currently under development and certification to the Quality Management Standard is expected next month!
ISO 9001 is the standard that assures customers that companies have fully implemented and maintain a Quality Management System that meets the requirements for certification. It is an indicator of a company’s ability to fulfil or exceed the needs and expectations of its customers and stakeholders, both professionally and efficiently. 9001 focuses on customer experience but also about how companies treat their employees and competency levels of staff.
Don’t buy twice, buy from the best!
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The importance of aftercare


First of all, you’re in safe hands.
You may understand what we do, you’ve seen our Magician’s work but you could still have some worries about the restoration process. When it comes to aftercare we have some simple rules for you to follow to ensure you get a lasting finish on your repaired surfaces.
Don’t worry, you don’t need to know the magic secrets of the trade like our Magicians do. All you have to do is make sure you leave the repaired surface alone for 24 hours. This gives the repair the time it needs to fully set, touching or cleaning the surface before this time could negatively affect the repair.
After this initial 24 hour period, you can go back to using the surface as originally intended. The only other factor to be mindful of is what products you use to clean the surface afterwards. Our repairs are very sturdy, but they definitely do not like strong chemicals, all-purpose cleaning ammonia or solvents. Feel free to use mild liquid detergents when it comes to cleaning the area, this should get the job done and further protect our magic finish.
If you have any other queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we love telling our clients all about our magic secrets!
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Title, what is snagging? A guide to saving you money.

What is snagging? A closer look into common repair issues.

A snag is usually a small imperfection that has occurred when building work has been finished on a property. It is usually something that looks damaged, hasn’t been fitted properly or doesn’t look quite finished.
Examples could be unlevel surfaces or chipped worktops. Often when moving into a brand-new property the housebuilder will have already inspected any snags, we work with some of the best house builders in the North West and all are extremely careful to minimise snagging and offer brilliant solutions to make sure the homeowner is happy after all houses are built by human beings!
Here at Surface magic repairs, we don’t just help with snags on new build properties, we work anywhere there is a damaged surface after all our homes are often our biggest investment. A chip in your marble kitchen worktop and your immediate thought could be “I have to replace the entire counter! This is going to cost me so much.” We have the technology to have these surfaces looking brand new at a fraction of the cost compared to replacement. We repair all hard surfaces, so no matter what your snagging issue we can fix it.
Want to see what snags look like and how we repair them? Click here!
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Why replace when you can repair?

Restore, reuse, and help save the planet.

The construction industry is responsible for 120m tonnes of waste every year – around a third of all UK waste in the UK, according to the UK recycling statistics. We also send an astonishing 15 tonnes of waste from our homes and businesses to landfills each year. To put that into context, that’s the same mass as 100,000 adult blue whales!

Choosing to restore your surfaces with a high-quality repair is far more environmentally friendly and costs less too; we use high-end innovative products and techniques that mean replacing can be a thing of the past, lessen the strain on limited resources and help safeguard our forests, wildlife and our very own survival.

There was a time when we would try to fix something when damaged – let’s reclaim the passion we once had for our belongings, plus save money, too! Here at Surface Magic Repairs, we always think globally but just as importantly we act locally. We love the North West which boasts some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the nation. So, let us move away from the mindset of if something is damaged throw it away.

Surface Magic Repairs is committed to promoting the recycling of goods and ensuring that the processes we use have minimal impact on the environment.

Surely we all have a responsibility to care for our Blue Planet. The future of humanity and indeed, all life on earth, now depends on us.
Sir David Attenborough

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Out with the old and in with the new

Surface Magic repairs have very high repair standards and the business relies heavily on the collective standards of all our Magicians; the more knowledge we continue to acquire, the better we can serve you.

Training is of the highest importance within Surface Magic Repairs. We strongly believe that continual training and advancements in our repair systems are fruitful to both our clients and employees. We have become one of the fastest-growing premier surface repair companies in the North West and we believe it’s because of our new innovate modern repair systems.

Rebecca Diamond, Managing Director, says:

The old-fashioned repairs are no longer good enough, now is the time to think bigger! Innovation for us began with knowing our customer, that was the first place we focused, and we have invested heavily in research and development this year and it’s paid off.

The construction industry is currently facing a shortage in skilled workers and with an ageing workforce set to retire within the next few years along with a lack of interest from young people, in November 2019 we opened our in-house training centre, where we dedicated time and support to providing continuous advanced innovative repair training to all our teams. This has had a positive impact on not only staff retention but it has attracted new talent from all over the North West. All Surface Magic Magicians are all up-to-date with the newer innovative repair systems, we also enjoy using the more modern advanced products and materials on the market rather than the old way of filling and painting by the eye. Our Technical Director has recently spent many hours testing and acquiring an advanced colour matching system which our Magicians can enjoy using digitally, with ease, out in the field.

Paul Dorning, Technical Director at Surface Magic Repairs, says:

We aren’t content with being the best – we want to be better. We are dedicated to investing in the changing technologies, we believe as long as we keep learning better and faster techniques, we will keep growing as a business and help contribute to more skilled construction workers in the North West.

We're hiring poster.

We are hiring!

Surface Magic Repairs are bouncing back with some new job vacancies.

We are offering a career position for a Surface Repair Technician, restoring damaged surfaces back to their original condition.

We are looking for anyone who currently works in the construction industry who is looking for a change of trade; painters and decorators, plasterers, builders; anyone who has a current CSCS card and wants to retrain is welcome to apply.

Brilliant salary and training, plus a solid career opportunity to work up in the company is all available to the right candidate.

Driving licence is a must as you will be driving one of our new wrapped vans! Please apply via email to