Training & Technology

Training is of primary importance within Surface Magic Repairs. We strongly believe that training and continual advanced repair systems are fruitful to both our clients and employees. We have become one of the fastest growing premier surface repair companies in the North West and we believe it’s because of our new innovate modern repair systems.

  • The construction industry is currently facing a shortage in skilled workers and with an ageing workforce set to retire within the next few years along with a lack of interest from young people, in November 2019 we opened our own in-house training centre where we dedicated time and support to providing continuous advanced innovative repair training to all our teams. This has had a positive impact on not only staff retention but it has attracted new talent from all over the North West.
Technician doing a floor repair.
Paul Dorning the technical director.

Paul Dorning ‘Managing Director’ Surface Magic Repairs says:

“We aren’t content with being the best, we want to be better, we are dedicated to investing in our staff and increasing the amount of new and younger skilled construction workers, we believe as long as we keep learning, investing and recruiting, we will keep growing as business and help contribute to more skilled construction workers in the North West”.

  • All Surface Magic Magicians are all up to date with the newer innovative repair systems, we also enjoy using the more modern advanced products and materials on the market rather than the old way of filling and painting by the eye…. Our technical Director has recently spent many hours testing and acquiring an advanced colour matching system which our magicians can enjoy using digitally with ease out in the field.
Before and after image of shower repair.