Why we are different

We are an independently owned company, our founder is a restoration obsessed expert with over 25 years experience in exploring solutions to problematic repairs, we have our own in house research and development centre where we have formulated cutting edge repair systems using state of the art products and technologies from all over the world meaning we work FASTER and smarter. We pride ourselves on being industry leading, when we see an element in our trade that can be improved we get to work.

  • Surface Magic Repairs has been built on research, knowledge, strength, with a determination to move away from old traditional approaches on repairs and replacements and create an elite surface repair system that can be faster, smarter and of a higher quality than the old way repair systems
  • We only train our staff internally within our training laboratory and don’t take competitor technicians, they must learn our Magic repair systems before entering out into a vehicle.
  • Quick call out turnaround of 48 hours – With multiple teams with vans kitted with state of the art surface repair tech we are able deploy rapidly to your surface emergencies, aiming to get on site within 24 – 48 hours. We fully understand the importance of the final phases of construction and we strive to get every job back to perfection.
  • Surface Magic repairs has very high repair standards and the business relies heavily on the collective standards of all our Magicians, the more knowledge we continue to acquire, the better we can serve you.
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Paul Dorning ‘Managing Director’ Surface Magic Repairs says:

“We aren’t content with being the best, we want to be better, we are dedicated to investing in our staff and increasing the amount of new and younger skilled construction workers, we believe as long as we keep learning, investing and recruiting, we will keep growing as business and help contribute to more skilled construction workers in the North West”.

Paul Dorning the technical director.
  • The construction industry is currently facing a shortage in skilled workers and with an ageing workforce set to retire within the next few years along with a lack of interest from young people, in November Surface Magic repairs opened his own in-house training centre where we dedicated time and support to providing continuous advanced innovative repair training to all his employees. This has had a positive impact on not only staff retention, but it has attracted new talent from all over the North West.
  • All Surface Magic ‘Magicians’ are all up to date with the newer innovative repair systems, we enjoy using modern advanced equipment and materials. Paul Dorning has spent many years testing and acquiring advanced technology which our magicians can enjoy learning and qualifying in professionally. We are now rolling out new industry ‘Surface Repair’ NVQ’s and to all our Magicians along with a dedicated mentor and personal development plan, we have spent the majority of our company profits back into the development of our staff (Magicians) and technologies.