While we at Surface Magic Repairs do in fact repair damaged surfaces, we don’t want any uneccesary damage occuring to your precious surfaces, as such, we are providing a little blog, to how you can avoid your surfaces from damage, to avoid any unnessecary damage.

How Does Damage Occur?
Like everything, damage is eventually inevitible, however, we have come up with a few plans to make sure you get the longevity out of your surfaces for as long as possible.

Places like walkways, or anything on the floor that generates a lot of footfall will eventually wear down due to natural causes, especially if there are high pressure points in your footwear that could cause (for example a tile) to crack, such as high heels or heavy work boots.

Over time any surfaces that you use on a daily basis will wear down over time, this is something that is hard to control, however we do have options to maintain your surfaces to be new for as long as possible.

For kitchen worktops, knives are very sharp (obviously) and can scratch the coating of your surface, and even non sharp items, if accidentally dropped, can cause some either insignificant or significant damage to your worktops.

How would You Stop a Damaged Area from Getting Worse Over Time?
As usual, damage is inevitible, if you have noticed some form of damage to any surface, it would be best to avoid it, but on surfaces that you will need to use, such as a worktop, we have some ideas on how to ensure your damage does not worsen over time.

Avoid picking at or touching the area, this is an easy one, avoid trying to pick at any uneven surfaces that has damage, this way you avoid any more significant damage to the surface.

Always be cautious of what you place or lean on the damage, as good as houses or apartments are built, they are not indestructible, make sure to not place or lean any items directly on the damage, to where more pressure will be put onto it.

Don’t try to repair it yourself without the proper knowledge or experience. No, we’re not trying to upsell our services (maybe) however, without proper knowledge of how things are repaired, you could end up doing more damage than good, and will need a much bigger repair if it is not up to scratch with how you fulfilled your repair.

Avoid getting the area wet. When surfaces are damaged, the main layer of coating which protects the underlying surface is broken, as such any moisture that seeps inside these small abrasions may make things worse over time, especially if it is a food item that has leaked into the damage, this can then harbour bacteria in the damage, and will be incredibly difficult to clean.

What can You Do if Damage has Occured?
If the damage has become too large to work around, we have some tips to help you keep using that space without having to cut off that area from your daily life entirely.

Conctact Us (come on, you saw this one coming) We can offer you guidance on how to avoid making things worse, or even book a repair for you, to make your surface new again

Avoid using the area until it has been sealed/repaired, if the area needs to be used, you should consider using something like a chopping board to act as protection to the space, without using the damage as a workspace specifically.

As always, we are always here to help with your surface needs, whether that to be avoiding damage, or even booking a repair with us, we would love to hear from you and we would also love to help you out! simply email a picture over to info@surfacemagicrepairs.com and explain your situation, and we will be happy to help!

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