Surface Magic Repair offers a cost-effective solution to these issues that is also environmentally friendly, we believe in repairing rather than replacing.

We offer a 24-48-hour rapid deployment to your site and have the job fixed in hours, so you can go back to being proud of the space you call home.

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We believe home is where the heart is, and we want your home to be looking perfect. Your home is filled with sentimental value, so why replace when we can restore it to looking brand new! It is natural for a living space to take its fair share of wear and tear. We understand what it means to have pride in your home and want the best for your family.


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Sports & Leisure

The leisure sector is as competitive as ever. First impressions can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to attracting potential business. These facilities require a big investment to get going and with the constant high impact of the nature of the usage of these facilities it’s only natural for common wear and tear to take place. When this happens it is easy for a venue to lose a valuable asset.


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Surface Magic Repair wants the best for our healthcare providers. We understand how crucial it is for patients to have a great first impressions of your facilities in order to feel confident in trusting you with their safety. We also understand that with high footfall and 24-hour usage damage can easily occur on site, and that a damaged surface can leave a bad impression.


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Accidental damage, weather damage and vandalism are just some of the many types of claims that insurance companies deal with daily. Until now most of these claims involve replacing damaged hard surfaces in their entirety, which can be an expensive and time-consuming experience. We believe we can save you money on many of these claims.

Surface Magic repairs provides a cost-effective and stress-free solution for the insurance company and policyholder by restoring the damage rather than the gruelling job of replacing. Why replace when you can restore?!


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During the final phase of a building project, with deadlines on the horizon and prospective clients on the way, there is the increased risk of accidental damage to walls, doors, floors and general fittings. Any type of chips or scratches will be noticed by a prospective client in a new or refurbished property and must be effectively repaired to ensure they are given a positive impression.

However, getting the damage repaired can turn out to be a very expensive endeavour due to the costs of replacement; if you also factor in the disruption, the time required and the possibility of damaging something else in the process, you are left with an extremely inconvenient and expensive problem.

Surface Magic Repairs are proud to say we work alongside some of the biggest construction companies and house-builders in the North West.


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Hotel & Hospitality

Hotels and restaurants are often highly dependent on consumer confidence, facing ever increasing pressure to deliver consistency and quality. When a bath or area is damaged in a hotel room, or simply exposed to too much wear and tear, it often ends up leaving a negative impression on customers, sometimes even leading to bad reviews on Trip Advisor.

Some of the most common hard surface repairs at hotel and leisure properties tend to be because of accidental damage caused by customers, or damage that has been incurred from previous building work or tradesmen. To the delight of many maintenance managers in the hotel industry, we can extend refurbishment budgets by years; many hotels do not know our service exists – meaning they no longer have to shut rooms down for refurbishments at certain times of the year, saving thousands!


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Letting Agents & Landlords

Surface Magic Repair understands how quick a turnaround needs to be to get a living space ready for new tenants, or how repairs need to be quickly dealt with to keep current tenants happy. Damaged fixtures and fittings can negatively affect the tenant’s high expectations of a property and can affect  re-letting prospects. These last touches can also really affect the value of a property for how much it can be leased or sold for.


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Accidents, vandalism or general wear and tear: these are the most common reasons for damage occurring in schools, colleges and universities. This type of damage is unsightly and can affect perceptions of the brand, but even more importantly surface damage within these properties can pose a serious health and safety risk to staff, students and the general public. With these damages occurring it’s easy for the facility to lose its look of prestige – but there is an easy solution.


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Surface Magic Repair knows the importance of a business having to look its best in order to maximise sales. Due to the high amounts of footfall that a retail business goes through it can often mean that accidental damage and natural wear and tear is much more likely to occur. With these accidents happening, it can be easy for your business to start looking unprofessional – but that does not have to be the case.


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