A snag is usually a small imperfection that has occurred when building work has been finished on a property. It is usually something that looks damaged, hasn’t been fitted properly or doesn’t look quite finished.
Examples could be unlevel surfaces or chipped worktops. Often when moving into a brand-new property the housebuilder will have already inspected any snags, we work with some of the best house builders in the North West and all are extremely careful to minimise snagging and offer brilliant solutions to make sure the homeowner is happy after all houses are built by human beings!
Here at Surface magic repairs, we don’t just help with snags on new build properties, we work anywhere there is a damaged surface after all our homes are often our biggest investment. A chip in your marble kitchen worktop and your immediate thought could be “I have to replace the entire counter! This is going to cost me so much.” We have the technology to have these surfaces looking brand new at a fraction of the cost compared to replacement. We repair all hard surfaces, so no matter what your snagging issue we can fix it.
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